Frequently Asked Questions

When will next session start?

Details for our next session will be posted shortly. Please check back regularly for updates, or sign up for our interest form to receive important updates.

I learned of the program only after the registration has closed. What do I do?

Unfortunately, there is not much we can do as we are at max capacity once we close registration. We do offer SAT classes twice a year (spring and fall).

Do you have a summer program?

Sometimes. It depends on how many teachers are still in the area during the summer. Please check back regularly for updates, or sign up for our interest form to receive important updates.

What's the difference between SAT I (reasoning test) and SAT II (subject test)?

SAT I is the all-encompassing test that the majority of colleges will expect you to take. It covers math, writing, and reading comprehension. SAT II covers a variety of subjects that complement your SAT I score.

My child can't make it to the registration day. What do I do?

We are sorry to inform you that we do not mail or email out makeup exams. Please make sure that your child is free on the day of the registration exam.

Is this spring/fall program for SAT reasoning or SAT subject?

We have both program running for both spring and autumn. However, you may only register for one program since they run during the same time.

I have my child's last SAT score. Can he/she not to take the diagnostic test?

Please have your child come to the diagnostic test so that he or she may be evaluated alongside the other incoming students and be put into the correct level.

What are the dates?

They are posted in the brochure.

Who teaches the class?

The classes are taught by MIT students who have previous experience in taking SAT.

I'm taking the SAT soon, can you give me a rough idea when the next session will start?

We offer two sessions: one in the fall (which begins in September) and another in the spring (which begins in February). We sometimes offer a shorter summer session, but this is dependent on the availability of teachers each year.

I got an email confirming my pre-registration, but I have yet to receive instructions for registration!

Well, that's interesting. It's likely that one of those pesky email-thief-monkeys got to your email before you did. Please contact us via the contact form and we'll try to get that sorted out for you. If you filled out the application AFTER the pre-registration closed, your email results will be delayed.

I missed the pre-registration, what do I do?

We're really sorry, at this point we won't be able to accomodate you. We receive roughly a billion applications each semester, and we're really not sure how to deal with all these people wanting to take our SAT program. There are some SAT preparation options on Google.

I can't find my question here!

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions, concerns or suggestions.

How do I score 2400 on my SATs?

Studying, unicorns, and some magic powder.